Biomass conveying

A range of conveyors suited to different biomass applications.

Solutions for handling

SERA develops, manufactures and installs its own range of systems
specifically adapted to the conveying of wood in all its forms
in the recovery process of the raw material.

The timber control is important to ensure a high availability rate with a heterogeneous matter and uncontaminated by the presence of metal particles, stones, silica and other foreign objects.

What does wood biomass mean ?

Wood biomass represents a set of wood matter such as wood chips, bark, stump waste, composting reject, industry by- products, end-of-life wood etc...

SERA supports you in determining the most suitable conveying equipment for your needs, guaranteeing the homogenization of the heterogeneous matter.

Belt conveyor with self-supporting chassis

Requires closest metal base, ideally stood on the ground as it doesn't support maintenance walkways.

Belt conveyor with girder chassis

Conveyor with lattice chassis in order to space the base and support heavy loads such as maintenance walkways when the conveyor is at a height.

Gallery belt conveyor

Conveyor with a full metal cladding for more comfortable access and/or integration of the conveyor with architectural constraints. Gallery conveyors also ensure improved cleanliness in limiting dust dispersion.

The integration of fire safety equipment is also simpler.

Air belt conveyor

This conveyors range allows crossing long distances without requiring a maintenance access along the conveyor as the air cushion technique removes roller stations.

  • Low power consumption
  • Throughput up to 1200 m3/h
  • Maximum 8° of Inclination

Tipper for belt conveyor

This type of conveyor allows for automatic filling of silos with layers management so as to control the FIFO (first in first out).

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Chain conveyors designed by SERA are specifically adapted to the conveying of wood and wood biomass particles. Sizing coefficients is the result of more than 50 years of experience.

This conveying technology enables large angles, determined according to the type of matter and its particle size.

SERA offers 3 ranges of chain conveyors

  • Range « sawmill », normal use
  • Range « energy wood », intensive use.
  • Range « Recycling », intensive use with regular presence of contaminants

Belt elevators

This type of conveying allows allows very significant elevations when site constraints require angles greater than 75°. With wood biomass, it is essential that the installation is suitable for the recovery of belt returns.

But also

  • In-line weighing
  • Moisture meter
  • Sample control
  • Dust extraction
  • Dosing hopper
  • Special conveyors