Fuel acceptance on site

Unloading of biomass and wood chips

SERA has developed a comprehensive range able to meet small boiler rooms' requirement, as well as cogeneration sites for which the number of daily deliveries is significant.

Theexternal feeding of biomass boilers requires that the fuel is delivered by truck to the feeding system of biomass boiler.

SERA also provides various security, dust extraction and cleaning systems, so that the operators' work work complies with health and safety standards.

Fines collected by the dust extraction system are densified so as to be returned to the boiler through the initial circuit. An improved material performance without having to manage dust collected in ATEX zone..


The most suitable unloading system the most appropriate to for the heterogeneous biomass. This is the solution adopted by most of our customers looking for reliability, low operating cost and operators's protection.

Features :

  • Buffer storage from 50 to 200 m3
  • Throughput from 0 to 800 m3/h
  • Accepts any type of biomass
  • Flow control by natural smoothing of embanking and levelling roller
  • Security and cleanliness of unloading operations
Capacity up to 800 m3/h
Usable volume from 40 à 200 m3
With composting reject
Security walkway - Self-cleaning platform
Double station (Dalkia Rennes
Double station (Dalkia Rennes)
Capacité 2 x 360 m3/h simultanément
Capacity 2 x 360 m3/h simultaneously

Economical solution for small and medium powercapacity boilers using wood chips and end-of-life wood grinding. This technology is not suitable for too heterogeneous fuels like composting reject. The unloading is carried out directly in a specific conveyor. The FMA adapts the throughput depending on the conveyor's capabilities according to signals sent to the operator via the control system.

Features :

  • Throughput from 100 to 360 m3/h
  • Lifting up to 55°
  • Heavy construction
Convoyeur de dépotage
Convoyor for unloading
Cofely Allard Aubigné Racan
Cofely Allard Aubigné Racan
Vue caméra de contrôle
CCTV view

Specific additional equipment

Few examples

  • Manual or automatic control sample
  • Continuous weighing
  • Moisture control
  • Dust extraction
  • Densification of dusts for reinjecting the compacted fines in boilers
  • Specific misting to the unloading station
  • Operator touchscreen panel for management of fuel infeed
  • Self-cleaning platform